Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Spring Hike

Yaay us,

with nice 61°F outside we decided to go for a hike today. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I had to take the pictures with my cell.

That's the dog. It's a loooooong doggie. And according to the sign it's a little bit vicious. So pay attention.

It's the master sheep. It called all the other sheeps with a loud 'MEEHEHEHE' and they all came to the master sheep.
Except those two, they were distracted: 'Oh look, there's grass'.

And again, King Holzi revisited his fortress in the woods to please his people.

1 comment:

Wolfgang said...

61 is way cold. lol, but i like how your previous post was about snow, and now its about green and spring. haha