Saturday, March 28, 2009

There is still snow in Faistenau

After the spring officially began a few days ago, I thought I can risk a trip home. Well, what waited for me there wasn't anything near spring. It looked like the deepest winter. But the clouds disappeared and the sun broke through. So I went out to take a few pictures. On one is my car as a measurement of size to see how much snow there is still in Faistenau.

For gods sake, it's nearly april and there is still about 6.5 ft of snow. I'm glad that I can escape this frosty hell tomorrow again. In Hagenberg, the spring really reclaimed the power.

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Wolfgang said...

holy cow, still snow in Faistenau, is ja krass. lol, well, if it makes you happy, there is still sunshine in Hawaii, lol.